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Aadhar Card Benefits for Senior Citizens

As of April 1, 2017, senior citizens can avail the benefits of ticket concessions in Indian Railways by using Aadhar card. It is applicable in both counter tickets and e-tickets. Railway Ministry has introduced this ticketing system based on Aadhar in two phases.

In phase 1, verification from Aadhar to get discounted tickets in railways would be served on voluntary basis and it has been made mandatory from April 1, 2017. It is followed by getting Aadhar-based ticketing mandatory in each passenger category.

For senior citizen concession in Indian railways, minimum age is 58 years for ladies and 60 years for gents. Senior citizen females get 50% of concession on tickets while senior citizen males can get 40% of discount. From December 1, 2016, the advance senior citizen verifications has been made through Aadhaar card, through which passengers are notified to furnish their Aadhaar details either on IRCTC website online or from reservation counters. This step also benefits the Railways to ensure transparency in process and to avoid misuse of this facility.

One can submit this info on IRCTC website. They have to login to IRCTC account with their ID and password. Click on “Master List” after logging in from My Profile on the top of screen. Now add details like Date of Birth, Gender, ID number etc. After such details, you will be verified for concession.

Aadhar card or UID card has been mandatory from July 1 to avail discount on railway tickets to keep the misuse of concession facilities at bay. A lot of rules have been revised in Railways to avoid misuse and discourse everyone in black marketing of tickets. Though not mandatory, Aadhaar can make the process even smoother and qualify you quickly. Issued by the Central Government and managed by UIDAI, Aadhar card is mandatory to all citizens.

The information is provided by an aadhar guide blog.

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