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Advantages of Vacation Rentals Proves Maria Cobb Newport Beach

Traditionally, a vacation is spent in a hotel and if you happen to be booked at a five star hotel then surely you are in for some luxurious time, but this is a thought of the past. Now it is the age of the vacation rentals that offer you much better service and yet at a lower cost. The Five Star Vacation Rental owned by Maria Cobb Newport Beach is an example of such a rental.

Kevin and Maria Cobb the owners of the Five Star Vacation Rental Company have been working as entrepreneurs and have gathered an experience of more than seventeen years in hotels, mortgage banking and real estate. Maria Cobb Newport Beach property owner has several other properties to the collection of their assets, such as Laguna Beach, Big Bear Lake, La Quinta and Park City, it hardly took time for her to realize the growing popularity of vacation rentals which prompted her to buy so many properties so that she and Kevin are able to cater to every need of a tourist to their native place by offering them a state of the art vacation rental.

The true enjoyment of hospitality can be actually experienced at the vacation rentals instead of the hotels, as it was previously conceived. Unlike hotels there are quite a few advantages that these vacation rentals have over the traditional idea of hotels. First of all, it is the price of a vacation rental that is more attractive than that of a hotel, you get the same services and in most cases even more but at surprisingly low prices.

Next, it is not for the hotel to decide the duration of the stay of the visitor, there ought to be some flexibility pertaining to the stay of the tourist and this is not something that a hotel can offer because of their inflexibility. The vacation rentals on the contrary are rather flexible and offer the tourist to decide the time of stay.

The vacation rentals give the traveler the opportunity to seek out for an accommodation that is best suited to their budget, instead of the previously decided rents of the hotels. The fact that a tourist is able to state his suited budget makes it convenient both for the traveler as well as the vacation rental company to streamline the accommodations that are suited to the budget of the visitor. It acts as a sort of filter for the search of the tourist.

Signing up with a vacation rental also allows you to sign up for the local architecture and cozy comforts of the place. The homes and properties that sign up to be a part of the vacation rentals often have awesome architecture that blend in with the surroundings, and you cannot have a better trip than actually experiencing the sights and sounds of the place you are visiting. The vacation rentals give you the provision to do so and therefore is definitely a better choice when it comes to accommodation in a foreign land.

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