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Brian Carr Naples Points Out the Importance of Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is one of the crucial elements of marketing mix which aims at informing, reminding, persuading and influencing the customers to purchase their products. The primary goal of brand promotion is to make a mark on the mind of the consumer so that they can effectively recognize a product and are influenced to purchase it.  From the packaging of the product, to its advertising, each of those steps is a part of brand promotion. Anything that helps the consumers identify the brand among its competitors aids in brand promotion.

Brain Carr: An Experienced Branding Professional

Carr is a Brand and Marketing Specialist who is experienced in various phases of product development and marketing. He has helped in building brand strategies and assisted in brand launches. According to him the process of brand promotion is essential for any company due to the following factors:

  • Promoting brand recognition: The name/design/logo of your brand is what the consumers recognize it by. Brand promotion helps in familiarizing the people with the brand and strengthening its image in the minds of the consumers
  • Creating brand loyalty: Effective brand promotion creates a positive impact on the minds of the consumers and influences them to buy the products. If they are happy with its results then they would probably continue its usage, thus creating a loyal costumer
  • Building an image: A strong brand indicates a powerful image of the company. Consumers are more likely to trust a company having a more established identity.
  • Indicator of quality: To many consumers, the brand is an extension of its product or service, thus indicating the quality of its produce. People tend to trust the quality of a branded product than a one with it.
  • Relating multiple products: Often a company deals in various types of products. In such cases it’s the brand which unifies all of them. The recognition of the brand often helps in the launch of a new product as the consumers are already acquainted with it.

In addition to the points mentioned by Brian Carr Naples , the steady increase in the competitive market is also a huge factor which demands a push in brand promotion. There are numerous choices available for each and every type of product or service in the market, effective brand promotion plays a key role making a product stand out among the sea of competitors. Ultimately the core objective of every business is to make the consumers buy their product and brand promotion is what links the consumers to the products, resulting in sales. Thus, it’s definitely an indispensable part of a business.

It’s the responsibility of a Branding Developer like Brian P Carr , to formulate a plan for effective brand promotion so that a business can achieve new heights. It’s the job of a branding developer to conduct a market research to understand the needs of the customers, their likes and dislikes and formulate a branding plan accordingly. The goal of branding is to create a relationship with the consumers; therefore their choices shall always remain the priority.

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