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Charles Nucci Offers Tips to Get Great Photographs of Nature

Photography is an art that we all like to pursue. No matter what you do and where you are, surely you’ve taken a picture. More so if you are in the lap of nature. Nature photography is one of the most appealing categories of photography. No matter how bad or good photographer we are, we always end up clicking pictures of nature. While most of us do it as part of our effort to showcase our vision in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there are some who do it as a passion. Charles Nucci , Bay area says, these amateur and professional photographs with a penchant for a rustic sense of the world have made their life documenting life and nature fall under their purview.

However, regardless of the nature and intention of indulging in photography, there are certain things that remain same for all. These are the very basics of photography. Some key skills that make us our pictures look. In nature photography too, there are certain things that bring life to those landscape portraits. So, here we are shedding some light on the art of taking ethereal pictures of nature. Get a hang of this and you are all set to click breath-taking pictures.

Maintain the subject and surrounding balance

Certain aspects bring out the life of nature in a photograph. The balance between the subject and the surrounding is one of them. You must remember your objective here. You are photographing nature in its elements. She is the star of the show, not the subjects. So make sure the subject doesn’t get much of the attention and remain in the periphery making it a part of the frame and not the other way round. So, unlike portraits, nature landscapes requires a wide angle view of the area with the subject at the periphery or some other region.

The correct time and the right amount of light

As per Charles Nucci , San Francisco, taking a photograph of nature is a tough task. It’s similar to painting you need the correct color shade and adequate light and shadow interface. As the sun is the only source of light here, everything depends on it. The sun rays at the correct moment through a plethora of color at a given point of time and they differ from time to time. The most prominent times are early morning and late afternoon. Before and after the sunset and the sunrise are the best moments to indulge in nature photography. Both the color hue and the light and shadow is perfect around this time giving you much time to play.

Maintain the correct proportion

Nature photography requires a clear sense of proportion. Often regarded as the holy grail of landscape photography most photographers abide by this rule. The rule in question is called the two-thirds rule or the horizon rule. This means you already set a vision in mind and then click a picture maintaining that proportion. The proportion is drawing a horizon visible or invisible far off in your photograph maintaining a scale of two-third portion above the horizon and one-third below it or vice versa.

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