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Check Before You Buy the Mobile Homes for Sale by Owner

What is the latest trend in property? Well, it can be said that mobile homes have gained popularity among the youngsters. They want something new and unique. Living in an apartment or purchasing a house is a mainstream decision. They want a moving house and find it in the mobile homes. It is cute to take your home all along the journey. Literally, you take your home with you! Now, you are thinking of purchasing mobile homes for sale by owner. You have to be careful. There are many things to check before you write on your checkbook. These are the useful tips for you.

  • Things to Check

At first, you need to check the age of the mobile homes for sale by owner. Seriously, do not purchase a house older than 1977. Do you know why? It is related with the safety of the house. An old house has older parts that need to be fixed. Of course, the costof fixing the mess is not that cheap. If you have a tight budget, purchasing the fragile house is not a good idea. It can break into pieces unexpectedly and you do not have any home. There is a good idea for you. Look for a home that is no more than 15 years old.

After that, you need to think about the park. Put in your mind that the lenders approve not all parks. Before making a decision about the mobile homes for sale by owner, you need to search by yourself. Find your own particular park for your mobile home. It is not difficult to find the one that suits your budget. Just leave the extremely expensive park. Keep searching until you find the one with amodest price. Do not forget the facilities of the park. It would be good if they provide some facilities such as swimming pool, community room, recreation center, playground and many others.

When you are searching a mobile home to die for, you need to check the health and safety aspects of the house. Look carefully so that nothing is escaped from your eyes. Do not ever purchase the mobile homes for sale by owner if you are not sure about it. Look at the smoke alarm. It needs to be working. Next, the water heater and air conditioner are important to face the different seasons. Check the plumbing. Are there any leaks? Run all faucets and check underneath. Find out whether the outlets and the switches work well or not. The last thing to check is the roof. Make sure there are no leaks.

Before purchasing the mobile homes for sale by owner, you need to check the termites. You just do not want to live with this creature. They are dirty and create health problems. Yuck. Therefore, do not forget to ask the owner about his/her house. Make sure whether they clean their house regularly or not. In addition, it would be good if the owner called the pests control before selling their mobile home.

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