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Clear the Myths and Find Out these Smooth Gaited Horses With Kimberly Dey

Life is one, and the more you use it, the better it gives you an opportunity to live its whole. How often do you find one making his or her passion for her profession? Such instances are not found aplenty because life doesn’t give this opportunity to all. Kimberly Dey , a young vibrant woman, passionate about the various breeds of horses that existed on this planet, grew up to be a budding entrepreneur achieving success in it. But what about her passion then? Has it gone sublime with the immense pressure of business operations reeling over her head? Or does she bear it in her heart and manages time for it as well?

Finding the answer to this question, the story takes a completely different bend and turn. Although she receives recognition as the owner and Vice President of the  Charles B Wang International Foundation, this is not what she ever wanted herself to identify. In order to keep the passion alive, she started up her own horse breeding business which will not only give her an identity but will also save those rare breeds of horses from facing extinction. She wants the young generation and the entire world to be aware of the same and in order to make that successful, she has even started up a scholarship program in association with The American Quarter Horse Association.

While studying and doing research work for the horses, she came across some interesting and absurd facts about the smooth gaited horses. She realized that there are multiple myths and misconception that pertains and those need to be busted as well. Only detailed discussion and clarification can clear these doubts and hence she feels the lack of forums which could speak about these myths. However, Kimberly Dey herself has never restrained herself from speaking publicly about these myths and she lists down some of the common myths here.

Myth- Smooth Gaits are Meant to be Artificial

Often people are of the perception that the smooth gaits are artificial and they seem to be bothered by it. Most horsemen prefer enjoying their trail rides and the artificial gaits presumably force the horses to perform. But she comments that one can quite easily enjoy all three together- gaited horses, natural horsemanship, and trail riding can easily co-exist.

People are completely unaware of the fact that the show ring and trail are completely two different places and these good quality trail gaits are not created by some special tack or riding techniques. They had to be bred and brought out with a thorough process of sensible and sympathetic training.

Often she has heard people saying that gaited horses lose their normal temperament, and their desire to own a calm, quiet horse prevent them from buying these gaited ones. But science says that these gaited horse breeds are exceptionally gentle and sensible offering the owner a pleasurable experience on the ride.

These horses are mere living beings, and love and compassion are what they expect as opposed to discretion based on some myths. Come out of this halo that has been created around, and let the horses exist side by side.

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