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Criteria to Check Before Publish a Guest Post

Blogging is the best way to enrich your website with high quality and informative content and guest blogging is the best and authentic way to get backlinks but there are some quality parameters also for the website owners. In fact, guest blogging can affect both author and the blog owner in term of content value. This is the main reason behind increasing demand of guest blog posting professionals. As a website owner, you must check some quality of the post and the author while accepting guest author write for your blog.

Although it’s a beneficial deal for you but you need to set some quality guidelines before allow them to write and it’s your job to let them know through your website about those guidelines. Here in this article I’m going to write about those rules and criteria which can help you to make a great and healthy deal with blogger. So, let’s have a quick look at this matter.

Writing Track Record

Always ask your guest author to show some of their previous work to check the capability of writing. You can also check the quality of the website he or she capable to deal with. Because, if an author can post his article in the most visited blogs then it’s better to allow him to write for your blog. You can have more readers through this deal.

Outgoing Links

This is the trickiest part about evaluating guest posts in your website. Some blogs are known for removing all the links while other one keeps almost every link you add.

Let the authors link out as many times as they want to as long as those links are benefiting your visitors. The moment you feel that those links don’t benefit or help your readers, you can remove them.

Detailed and Unique Content

Content is the only reason for you are accepting guest author write article for your blog. So, before publish it, read it carefully to check the detailed matter of the article and also check the uniqueness of writing. There are many online sites like CopyScape to check. If there is a little positive sign of duplication you found then ask that author to re-write that part immediately.

Don’t Create Author Account

If you are going to create an author’s account then you are going to do the biggest mistake as a blog owner. It means you are allowing someone to post in your blog whenever they want and whatever they want. It might be a spammy practice for you to maintain your blog. So, check it before doing some mistake. Authors are mostly desperate, and they can do almost anything for money. They can place some unwanted link, irrelevant article, duplicate images and many more activities like this and you have to bear the after effect as you are the website owner.

You can do one more thing; help your author to find the perfect blog topic which suits your website most. Ask them to write about your need and get benefited by attracting more visitors by this. So, mainly these are the key criteria to follow while you are accepting guest post in your blog. Keep it your mind and have a safe guest blogging experience.

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