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Daniel E. DeKoter- Understanding Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is an insurance scheme your employer needs to buy to safeguard you from unfortunate injuries you may suffer from in the event of a workplace accident. In many states across the United States, all industrialorganizations carrying out theiroperations within theirterritories are under a legal obligation to purchase it. This is regardless of whether they hire only full-time employees, part-time workers or people from adjoining states. The money you get from this scheme in the occurrence of such an incident can help you pay for the subsequent medical and rehabilitation expense you are likely to incur.

Daniel E. DeKoter– Factors You need to keep in mind for Claiming Workers Compensation

Daniel E. DeKoter , a prominent person injury attorney from Sibley, Iowa. He says you need to consider the following factors before filling an application to claim monetary compensation under this insurance scheme in the event of a workplace accident:

  1. Disclose all relevant information

In the event of a workplace accident, you need to inform your doctor of the incident. This medical practitioner will examine the injuries you sustain and write up a comprehensive report. You must provide him/her with all the relevant information on how the incident took place.

  1. Do not make any kind of statement

Legal experts specializing this is field say you have a right refuse to make any statement when the investigator from the insurance company comes to visit you. You can also decline to sign any document he shows you without reading it thoroughly. They explain many honest workers often find their legitimate compensation withheld when they sign document whose significance they do not understand. If you have any kind of doubt always seek legal help.

  1. Seeking compensation will not tarnish your reputation

Many workers who sustain injuries due to workplace accidents often wary of seek compensation. They feel that such a step may tarnish their reputations in their places of occupation. In the worst-case scenario, they may even lose their jobs. They need to remember that the law in such a situation is on their side and they can take legal action if their bosses restore to such steps.

  1. Your employer has insurance cover for such incidences

You usually spend most of your time at the workplace. Accidents may happen from time to time in this environment where you are vulnerable to sustaining injuries. It is mandatory for your employer to purchase a workers’ compensation from an insurance company when he hire people. When you claim compensation, you are not blaming your boss for the incident. You are just informing him that the incidence occurred and you have sustained injuries. Moreover, you need the money from the claim to pay for the medical and rehabilitation costs.

Daniel E. DeKoter goes on to say that you need to make your claim for compensation as early as possible when such an incident occurs. This is because the insurance company will take time to process your application. If they refuse to pay you legitimate claim for money for any reason, you can contest the decision in a court of law. However, it is always prudent on your part to seek legal help when taking such a step.

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