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Different Types of Bra That You Must Pick According To Your Breast Type

Are you wearing a right bra? This question might look simple, but answering to this question is not that simple. It might seem strange but it is a fact that many women might be wearing wrong bra size and wrong bra type. So, it is important for every woman to have knowledge of different types of bras for different breast types. No matter if you are wearing a right cup and bust size, you must also know which is the right bra for particular dress type. Although women have become empowered, but still there are many women who feel hesitated and shy to ask for a right bra according to the dress and breast type. For such type of women, there are many online lingerie shopping portals where you can buy online bra sets.

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Different type of bras according to different breast type:

  1. T-shirt / Contour Bra: This type of bra is used usually for disappearing beneath the sticky or knitted clothes so as to keep bumps and straps away from sticking up through fabric. These bras have a combined layer of foam or padding and it is best for women who don’t prefer to wear a padded bra because they have a doubt that their breast may look bigger. It is good to wear this bra under a shirt or blouse. This seamless contour bra is also capable of providing great nipple coverage.
  1. Push-up Bra: The push-up bra also has similar padding as that of the contour bra, the only difference is that it has an added boost of crescent shape towards the base of cups. According to the additional push-up padding, this bra would add extra lift. Since it is narrower in the center, so it provides less coverage than that of contour bra. This bra is also beneficial for those women who have one breast bigger than another one. You may buy this bra set online for women.


  1. Strapless bras: Strapless bras are usually worn with skin-sheering outfits. There is also one more type of bra which is somewhat similar to strapless, convertible bras. The only difference in the convertible bra is that you can change up the straps so as to wear it in different ways. If you want to wear a versatile bra, then you can look for a convertible bra, but if you have to wear a bra with a specific style, then you must choose a strapless bra.
  1. Sports bra: If you are planning to do a workout like running or exercising, then you should pick up sports bra for extra comfort. It helps to reduce the chances of potential damage to breast ligaments. Some women even prefer to wear so as to stay away from pain during physical exercise. If you don’t get this bra available in the market, you can buy online sports bra in India.
  1. Underwire bra: Women with bigger breast size prefer to wear this type of bra as it offers additional support and lift to bigger breasts. It has a thin wire on the sides and bottom of the cups. Some women may even find it uncomfortable, but for some women, it is very supportive.

This blog helps you to choose the right bra according to your breast type and convenience. Buying a bra is not a complex task, you can get it at your doorstep if you buy online bra set from Intimodo. Intimodo is a one stop store for all types of bras you need for a perfect fit. Get different types of bras, panties, nightwears, pajama suits and much more at Intimodo.


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