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Digital Imaging in 21st Century Painting- How Peter Max Sees This Transformation?

As the new millennium started progressing and technological advancement has made it across every phase, even the contemporary painting made its way through multiple changes, and this paradigm shift in the trends and techniques have been rightly noted. Modernism has went deep in the roots of contemporary painting, and abstract art has made its way through it. Going by the chronological details, Peter Max believes that the discipline has gone through its own set of achievements and concerns and it is quite noteworthy in itself.

As the modern day painting has progressed, there are some definite signs of computer technology noticed, and the impacts are profound and sharp. Hybridity is an essential discourse in modern painting, and the more these technological advancements have been made, the more pervasive the art form has become. The precision that these digital versions could provide was hardly matched by the conventional methods of painting, and since modernism looked for perfection, these digital platforms were quickly accepted.

However, Peter Max believes that there were exceptions in this particular digital conversion as well, and it was rightly pointed out in Takashi Murakami’s work as well. Technologies CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator have already made their presence felt, and while the abstract geometric formations were hardly achieved by the conventional painters, they started trying to come up with something that is more futuristic. Even though the artists remained to be the respected figures in the society, their works began being less impressive and less motivational for the rest of the world. The new generation was more inclined towards digital painting mediums, and that indeed threatened the world of traditional painting.

But how successfully has these computer technologies infiltrated the traditional artistic disciplines? Is the world of painting still harking back at its past and drawing ideas from them? Keeping the 21st century in focus, and taking evidence from the digital assimilation, the manifestation of the changed world can be rightly viewed from a distance. The special effect that these technologies could provide is far more precise, and the basic digital printing packages have been broadly accepted in the field.

Peter Max , a reputed and an emerging painted in the United States has mentioned that he prefers the stylistic gesture that these digital platforms can provide. He has made acrylic Flash, One Shot enamel and sprayed paint to add to the vibrancy in each of these paintings, and the use of these materials have given a different quality to the surfaces. Even while creating some abstract art forms, the Mac and Microsoft built-in paint tools have helped to provide the exact gradient that the painters expect.

There might be some isolation in the ways things are being done now, but the real-time impact that these digital versions provide cannot be denied. The generation of painters who grew with those age-old conventional items might find it a bit difficult, but with time, nothing stays permanent. And this conversion was bound to happen.

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