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Event Planning Skills That David Gordon Fried Recommends For Success

As the youth of 21st century is looking forward to doing something different, something off beat, they have been hunting down for career options that are not so obvious and has got the thrill of its own. However, several such career paths have turned out to be lucrative for it doesn’t keep one sitting on the chair for the entire day and also poses challenges which are unique on their own. Event planning is one such role that is not only promising enough as an alternative career option, but the growth is comparatively better.

But, while one contemplates their respective career as an event planner in some corporate houses or with some even planning companies or even decide to go forward in the market on their own, David Gordon Fried suggests the candidates make sure that it is a good fit. While most of the people suggest only to know the ins and out of the profession, David prefers to know the respective skill set which is essential to find success.

David Gordon Fried On the Skills That Make Event Planners Successful

Most of the successful event planners have their respective toolbox filled with an impressive skill set, and they keep combining them to ensure each and event is being planned and executed successfully.

  • In any event planning, the success lies in the fact that how in details you go regarding every single fact. Since multiple vendors are working for you, it is essential you coordinate with everyone and constantly update the lists. The problem arises when the clients get too demanding, or they start cribbing about every single fact. So make sure you have the right men deployed with the right response and organize your efforts well.
  • While planning an event, what is the one thing that you’ll find in common in all the events? The questions isn’t a tough one to answer; it is the people that make the event. So if you want to find yourself successful, you need to be personable, engaging, make good conversations and most importantly, listen well. You need to understand the pulse of every attendant, and engaging them in some wonderful conversations is a big part of the job.
  • Creative ideas are the next thing that is at the heart of every event. However, making the creative ideas into tangible items is what the successful event planners specialize in, and David Gordon Fried believes this cannot happen until and unless you have a vision. Right from having a particular theme to coming down to a decorative solution, every planner needs to carry it out diligently, maintaining the professionalism intact. Developing solutions for problems, instead of cribbing for them will help you find success.

Success lies in the ability to prioritize and facilitate, and event planners need to keep it steady. As the world progresses towards corporal event planning, these professionals get lots of scopes to improve with every single event, making the career prolific.

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