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FBI Special Agent- What Should You Do To Become One!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the leading law enforcement agency in the United States and functions under the Department of Justice in that country. The primary task of this organization is to investigate, solve and arrest offenders of specific criminal activities that fall under the Federal laws of the country. In addition to this, the FBI also cooperates and assists other police forces in America in the areas of training, forensic laboratory examination and fingerprint identification. Apart from its activities in fighting crimes, this agency is also an important member of the intelligence community in America and reports to the director of national intelligence.

Adam Quirk has been with the FBI for 15 years and says that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to become a good agent. The Adam Quirk FBI team of specialists under him perform the same duties as police officers that operate at the state level. This includes apprehending criminals, issuing warrants and collecting evidence to prove that an individual is guilty of the crime in a court of law. However, the only difference is that these agents are responsible for investigate and fighting crimes at federal level rather than arresting violators of state laws. Youngsters who intend to become FBI special agents have to qualify and fulfill the requirements of any one of the agency’s five entry programs.

  • Special Agent Entry Programs

The FBI has specific entry programs that aim to recruit potential candidates according to their educational qualifications and work experience. An individual who intends to apply for the post of a special agent under the language entry program needs to have a four-year degree besides being knowledgeable in a particular language. Similarly, an applicant who wishes to opt under the entry program for accountants has to hold a four-year degree in this field and three years’ work experience or a CPA license. In the same way, aspirant who applies under the information technology program must have a four-year degree in this educational discipline.

  • Physical Fitness Test

While aspirants who hope to become FBI special agents one day need to concentrate to acquiring their educational degrees, they also need to spend some time working out. Due to the nature of their duties, FBI special agents need to be physically fit and active at all times. The physical fitness test of this law enforcement agency challenges aspirants to sprint 300 meters within a specific time besides doing as many sit-ups and push-ups in as they can in one minutes. Apart from this, each candidate has to run one and half miles as fast as he/she can to advance in the selection process.

  • Background investigation

Due to the very sensitive nature of the duties, FBI special agents need to perform, candidates applying for the position need to undergo a top-level security clearance. Aspirants need to go through a drug test, creditworthiness check and polygraph examination. In addition to this, officials of this law enforcement agency will also interview their friends, family, professors and neighbors, as a part of a background check.

The Adam Quirk FBI team is popular in the USA and they explain that any aspirant who intends to become a FBI special agent must fulfill the above requirements besides being within the age of 23 to 37 years and always be ready to work as a team!

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