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Harley Reagan- A Loving Individual Who Helped People Remove The Pain!

Life has its ups and downs and when it comes to failure, disappointments and pain, the hope of bouncing back often dies out. It is here that some people that suddenly step in and bring in new meaning and hope to your life. They are your friend, philosopher and guide and ensure that you get that helping hand that you need to bounce right back into life and be the warrior that you are again.

Harley Reagan- an inspirational teacher and healer

Harley Reagan was the Founder of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and during his lifetime he has helped and taught many people on healing practices and programs.  He was a man of immense kindness and generosity. Together with fellow teachers he founded the Sweet SunDance Medicine Path of Turtle Island in 1986. He was not only a teacher and a healer but he was an accomplished martial arts expert as well. He was a warrior and taught people from all corners of the globe on how they could fight pain and suffering with simple lessons that were all around them on Grand Mother Earth.

An inspirational healer for everyone

Those who knew him up, close and personal say that he was always vibrant with radiant energy and joy. He had the urge to seek wisdom and knowledge even as he was growing old. He had read a large number of books that few people read today. He was more like a grandfather figure to those people who knew him. His philosophies, ideals and healing practices have helped many men and women from across the globe and America to start looking at life with a new perspective and view. He says that when it comes to pain and suffering there are so many things that are around you. They help you when it comes to living life completely and fully.

Spiritual evolution of men and women

When it came to his teachings, he said that they should be for spiritual evolution. He also had a deep commitment towards physical mastery and its development. Over half a century he taught various systems of martial arts that covered Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and Chulukua -Ryu. He was certified by the WMAHF Certification Branch of the International Society of Black Belt Examiners as well as The International Society of Sokeship Council and Ten-No-Kishi Dojos based in Osaka in Japan. All his students were registered and belted by the Ten-No-Kishi Dojos.

Harley Reagan studied with many teachers himself and they were called the Twisted Hairs. They were known as medicine men and women. They came from all the parts of America and were known for their wisdom and knowledge. They conducted workshops and seminars across the nation and the world.  Their healing practices gradually became popular when they started to heal people and make them realize the fact that life has more to look forward to if you widen your perspective and embracing life the way it comes to you. His teachings give you personal growth and helps you in a large way to spiritually awaken.

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