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Heather Weber on reasons why you should lift weights strength training for women

Do you know that daily weight training can help you lose fat, build muscle and gain so much more? There is a misconception among many women that weight training will make them more bulky like a man. This is not true. Lifting weights helps you to cut down on belly fat, heart disease, stress and cancer. Still women are not keen to lift weights. Strength training should be done at least twice or thrice a week.

Lose body fat

With the aid of weight training, you will be able to lose about 40 percent body fat. There are many women that believe that cardio is the only remedy for belly fat but this is not true. Heather Weber Merrill Lynch  in the USA is enthusiastic about fitness and she says there was a research conducted by Penn State where they placed dieters into three groups- aerobic exercise, no exercise or weight training and aerobic exercise. All the dieters lost approximately 21 pounds however the weight training group lost an extra six pounds. This means while the others lost just fat, the rest lost muscle and fat. When you diet and weight train together you can protect your muscle and burn fat. There are no drastic fat losses and your reflection in the mirror will not look bad.

Look better in everything you wear

Another benefit of weight training for women is that your clothes will fit better. You will look cool in everything you wear. The best part of weight training is that it tones your body. You will be able to flaunt those curves as well better.  She also says that with the aid of weight training your diet will improve and you will notice results in just a few weeks. The best part of weight training is that you will remain cool under pressure. You will find that the fittest people always exhibit the lowest levels of stress over those that are less fit. There has been studies conducted where it has been revealed that the blood pressure levels of people that have the most muscle returned to normal levels much faster than people having the least muscle.

She also says that when you undergo weight training, you will feel happier. Your scores on the overall mood and anger scales improve. You just need to weight train under a good trainer to first learn the basics. You do not have to weight train every day. Three workouts a week will help you lose fat and gain more muscle.

Build better and stronger bones

As you age, you will find that the body mass is not as strong as before. There are high chances of you suffering from a fracture in case of a fall. Studies have revealed that with just 16 weeks of resistance and weight training, you will be able to increase hip and bone density. The blood levels of osteocalcin will also increase- this gives rise to bone growth and better strength.

Heather Weber Merrill Lynch  also concludes that weight training also improves your heart beat and makes your life fitter all the time!

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