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How do you go about buying a bike in Dublin?

Cycling is enjoying a renaissance in Dublin thanks to three factors. These are the Dublin Bikes scheme in the city, the establishment of the Great Western Greenway in Mayo and the bike-to-work tax-relief scheme. Cycling has entered the mainstream, with people cycling who never would have imagined themselves back on a bike.

Maybe you are one of those people.

What you need to consider

Buying a new bike can seem like a daunting task. It needn’t be if you consider a few key items:

You need to start by asking which of the most common bike types makes sense for your needs. Do you want a mountain bike, a road bike, a hybrid, or a commuter bike?

If you’re more of an off roader, your choice is pretty straightforward. Just look for a mountain bike with wide tires, a flat handlebar, strong brakes, and shock-absorbing suspension that’s idealfor rough, unpredictable terrain.

If you expect to spend most of your time on tarmac then you have more choice. You might want a road bike, a commuter, or a hybrid. Most road bikes have smooth, skinny tires and a curved handlebar, and put you in a bent-over position suitable for speed. Hybrids provide comfort and stability via moderately thick tires and an upright riding position and enables you to ride easily on city streets or packed-dirt paths. Commuter bikes range from sturdy workhorses to stylish fashion accessories.

Don’t Forget The Accessories
We recommend allocating about two-thirds of your budget to the bike. You’ll need the rest for accessories— basics like a helmet, a pump, a water bottle, and bottle cages.

Get the right size
Whether you purchase an entry-level bike or a top-shelf model, it will be wretched to ride if it doesn’t fit. Any good salesperson will advise you of the right size, then make at least four adjustments: seat height, saddle position, handlebar height, and reach.

A reputable shop such as Bikes or Bicycles in Dublin has an excellent selection of bikes and helpful staff who will help you find the ideal bike.

Dress the Part 
For test rides or bike fittings, put on the same apparel and shoes you plan to use on actual rides. A great tip is that a bike can fit one way when you’re in jeans and another when you’re wearing cycling shorts.

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