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How do you know if your child is using drugs?

Many parents don’t realize that their children are drugging themselves, until something really serious happens in their lives as, for example: some type of overdose, etc. It is very important that you, as parents of families in the 21st century are more aware of their children’s behavior, since we are dealing with a time where certain drugs are even being legalized and where our young people are being more exposed to them.

Then we will be mentioning a few tips, which can help them know if their children are using drugs or not. Among these tips include the following:

  1. As a parent you have to pay attention to the physical signs of your children: you can detect if your child consumed some type of substance, such as marijuana or alcohol, just look him in the eye, if you time your pupils are more dilated than normal, then it is a clear signal that has consumed some type of narcotic, stimulating or club drugs. If your eyes are quick, jerky movements or unnecessary will be the perfect test to confirm your suspicions.
  2. Approach the person and huelela: a young man who has recently smoked marijuana or alcohol, you have two options to hide their misdeeds. One of them is:
  • sprayed all over the bottle of cologne in the body to mask the odor of marijuana.
  • Chew how 3 Mint gum to hide the breath alcohol you have.

If you approach and feel that its smell is something as well, such as: a sweet smell, a smell of ahumad or herbal means that has been smoking marijuana, if you notice a metallic odor or chemical odor, this could indicate that there could be inhaling some product, such as glue or solvent. If you feel that a smell like alcohol combined with mint, then it is that has consumed an alcoholic beverage.

Another tip that we can give is that, if you see that your child has recently changed your mood, your sleep routine, has increased dramatically its appetite, it is somewhat aggressive or used sunglasses inside the house, when ever he had done, then they are clear signs of alert and something serious is going on with him.

If you confirm definitively that is using drugs, the first step you have to take is to talk with the calmly and get professional help from our rehabilitation center Morningside Recovery, here we will give you everything you need to make your addiction becomes chronic or codependent.

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