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How to Get Enlightened with Yoga- Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant Helps Individuals With Tips

Yoga, in its literal sense means ‘unison’, now normally people understand it as just the unison of the body, mind and soul; but in reality there is a lot more attached to it. The unison is actually multifaceted, one the one level, it brings together your physical, mental and spiritual systems; and on another it involves the unification of the universal consciousness and individual consciousness. These intricacies and special attributes of Yoga are something that Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant knows inside out, and perhaps that is the reason he poses to be a kind of brand ambassador for yoga.

The unification that occurs in Yoga is known by the name of Samadhi, which is the transformation of perception that aims at being able to know the truth behind the reality and get rid of disillusionments. In this way one is able to see the purest form of things and emerge as an enlightened person at the end. Yoga has numerous forms yet every branch of yoga has its own set of philosophies and ideas, which are responsible for defining process and the ultimate attainment of complete unification.

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhant advocates for Yoga by saying that the enlightenment that is got through Yoga is not a subject that can be discussed upon, instead it is something that can be just experienced and enjoyed. But in order to achieve that stage of enlightenment one must make some serious efforts and that could be done by undertaking any form of Yoga, namely – Bhakti Yoga, Meditative Yoga, Devotional yoga, Gyan Yoga, Karma Yoga or any other type.

The Bhakti Yoga is one in which the practitioner puts the focus on developing a devotional state within the mind and the heart. A strong sense of faith is what you need to submit yourself completely in the presence of God in this form of Yoga. This kind of yoga is very apt for all the young generation people who are mostly driven by their ego, as this Bhakti Yoga is a technique and practice to give up the ego and feel the love of your Creator. Kirtan (song), Japa (repetition of mantra), and Meditation are the common methods of this type of Yoga.

The Karma Yoga, this is the type of yoga that as its name suggests focuses on Karma or that aspect of human life that the Hindus believe, to be the responsible factor of one’s thoughts and feelings.  Karma is believed to have a control over rebirth and this kind of yoga has direct influence on this aspect by abolishing the effects of Karma with disciplined action that is capable of creating a separation between the effects of the Karma and the individual.

Yoga is a state of super-conscious ecstasy, in the words of Yogiraj, and something that is there to give you complete bliss, and an out of the world experience. And if that is coupled with the benefit of acquiring great health then why not indulge in something as promising as Yoga.

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