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John Clemenza Suggests healthy habits to avoid germs at home and workplace

Infectious germs are microorganisms such as protists, fungi, virusetc present in our workplace and home as well cause diseases. The diseases caused by germs are carried by other mediums are called infectious disease. In our home and workplace, germ infection may occur due to transmission of germs from other family member or colleagues. As per John Clemenza apart from taking all measures everybody should get required shots to shun germs in business area.

In the workplace and home our body may be infected by germs by following means:

  • Transmission from already infected person
  • By aerobic bacteria or virus
  • Transmission through badly cooked and preserved food
  • Transmission by using articles used by another infected person
  • Infection due to sneezing and coughing by another person
  • Infection through injury due to no treatment

Perfectly hygienic infection control should be assured by following the great healthy habits as stated below:

Sick employees should stay home 

Employees of a company are generally dedicated to do their duties and hate to stay home idle in working days. This motivation is not recommended when they become sick. They commit a serious mistake to attend their workplace as their presence in workplace result spreading germs to other employees

It is very important that you should motivate your working team to stay at home when they are sick. They should be guided properly by the need and reason for their staying home for recovery and consultation with his Doctor.

Sick family member should be isolated

If a member of your family is sick with infectious diseases he may be temporarily isolated in a room and medicated by consulting family physician to prevent spreading of germs. Articles for his or her personal use may be kept separated till his recovery.

Cover the face and sneeze

Frequent sneezing and coughing according to John Clemenza is a common phenomenon before and during sickness. This spreads germs. Employees of your office should be motivated and encouraged to cover their face with tissue paper at the time of sneezing and coughing.

Meeting with the employees on health and hygiene

Meetings are to be held to advise your employees on health and hygiene and to provide necessary tips and guidance to be followed by them in case of illness. A notice board to be hung in your office with a friendly reminder about the ill effects of spreading germs. Similar discussions may be held at home.

Practice of smart hand washing in business place and at home

Hand washing is a type of self-vaccine. Infectious microorganisms causing various diseases are omnipresent starting from our laptop key to the mobile phone or your office telephone both in the workplace and in a home. Washing hand frequently, vigorously and effectively with soapy water for at least twenty-five seconds followed by drying with tissue paper is the best way to avoid germs at workplace and home.

Benefits of hand washing

Germs removed from our hands by washing helps us to prevent an attack of diarrhea and infection of respiratory organs. It also prevents infection of eye and skin. Proper hand washing in business place before taking foods is compulsory for our health.

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