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Jungle Survival Tips for Hikers If They Encounter a Lightning Storm

Nature is known for its mesmerizing beauty. Everyone is fascinated by the bounties of nature in the form of forests, lakes, and mountains. But the positive attributes are sometimes accompanied with dangerous elements. A lightning storm, for instance, could prove to be really dangerous if you are out exploring the jungles without taking relevant precautions to encounter the lightning storm. You must learn how to survive the potentially dangerous lightning storm without jeopardizing your safety.  Here are some of the survival tips you must learn to survive a lightning storm effectively while hiking.

Always Try to Examine the Weather Forecast before Stepping Out

You must always check out the weather forecast before stepping out to explore the nature’s abundant beauty. You must get mentally prepared to withstand the potential weather risks and hazards you may encounter. Lightning storms generally take place in the evening. You must keep looking for signs like lighting and clouds. Listen for the sound of the thunder.

Do Some Math for Your Own Safety

You could successfully calculate whether you are in the striking range of a lightning storm. All you need to do is go on counting the number of seconds between a thunder and the lightning. You must divide the total seconds by 5. This would help you arrive at the approximate distance in terms of miles. If the lightning is within a six miles distance or even less, you seem to be very much within the lightning striking zone.

Moreover, you could apply another principle. Suppose the lightning is followed by the thunder in even less than 30 seconds post the lightning, you must immediately look for shelter. You must stay in your current shelter for half an hour or so post the rumble of thunder you had last heard. Then you could consider returning safely to one of the Tadoba national park resorts you had checked in earlier.

Beware of All Metals

While the lightning storm is in action, you need to avoid any contact with metals for your own safety. Metal frame backpacks must be kept away from you, at least, at a safe distance of 100 feet. You must necessarily remove your metal jewelry and belt.  Do not forget the fact that fly zippers and underwire bras could prove to be hazardous. However, the hard reality is that you may not have the luxury of time to remove all the metal pieces worn by you.

Assume the Classical Lightning Stance

When you are suddenly caught amidst a lightning storm outdoors and you have no time to head to a proper shelter in just a few minutes you must assume the typical lightning stance at once. You need to crouch down very low onto your balls of the feet and make sure that your feet are kept close together. You must consider minimizing your body’s size. You need to get down very low to the actual ground. This way you try to avoid the direct assault from the lighting. You must put a metal-free insulated separator in between the ground and you. You must remember to cover your ears because you may lose your hearing capacity due to the excessively loud noise and sudden explosion in the air at such close quarters.


If you are stranded in an open spot, you must spread out. Every member of the group must necessarily spread about 50 to 100 feet apart while the lightning storm is on. With just a single strike, the lightning could effectively immobilize the entire group. By spreading out, you are helping yourself. If one guy is grievously injured, there would be others who could come to your rescue when an emergency situation arises. If anyone is injured, you must administer CPR at once, without losing any time. Look for burns and affected patches particularly in areas covered by some metallic jewelry. You must necessarily keep the victim warm so that his state does not deteriorate any further. You must learn all the effective measures to lower the actual risk of being hit by a lightning before stepping out of your home for an exciting wilderness trip.

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