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Know How the Westside Family Church Is Committed to Foster Social Wellbeing

Music driven lyrical worship can connect you with the god. How can you feel this better, without being associated with the esteemed Westside Family Church in Lenexa Kansas? Yes, right from the worshipper, preacher to the families including kids is considered as a family at Westside. Outfitted in formal attire the pastor teaches the biblical lessons letting each member here follow its guidelines that make their everyday life stress-free, easy going and enduring.

The well synchronized rhythmic chant and contemporary worshipping electrify every part of the mind and soul offering you a heavenly pleasure. The Westside community members know how to become generous, warming and welcoming to every individual, they come across in their daily lives. This offers a different kind of contentment, pleasure and happiness to its members, and that has made the community so demanding to people from all across the US to register for its membership.

Aside from owning multiple campuses in Kansas, Westside community has a number of church centers all over the world. In the recent years two major campuses are introduced in America, and these are located at Palazzo Overland Park and at the Legends Theater. The group has a special wing that teaches people in the Lansing Prison to lead a worthy way of life. According to the members of the family church that as of day, Westside people have emerged as a major global branch to bring forth worldwide reformation in human lives based on biblical instructions and preaching of Jesus Christ.

They’re dedicatedly betrothed in varied humanitarian activities especially in the third world countries including South Africa, India, Thailand and others. Among these major endeavors, to name a few are elimination of poverty, orphan care and injustice on unprivileged. It is also addressing the worldwide problems like homes for deprived, HIV/AIDS, basic education and spiritual understanding.

All through the year a special cell of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS formulates widespread plans followed by complete research and analysis of the social status and drawbacks of different metros, cities as well as country sides. In Thailand it has been devoted to offer unprivileged with safe shelter to reduce traffic victims, prevention and care of HIV-AIDS among youth and adults, free health care facilities for poor and prison ministry. Its major social welfare activities that are undertaken in the recent times in South Africa include providing homes for three children, shelters for HIV and AIDS orphans and prevention of the disease and arrangement of daily meals for over 1800 orphans plus others. Every year different campuses of the church contribute generously in SBC World Missions Co-operative programs.

Westside Church’s counseling branch is working remarkably among its members helping them in developing their mental, psychological and spiritual feelings. The Westside therapists strongly believe that its psychological development sessions can work magical to foster healthy relationship among family members and the common people that solidify the community backbone. Individuals, who are addictive, suffer from depression, anxiety or grief or need counseling about good parenting or post marriage relationship, Westside community is a matchless choice for them.

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