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Life As An Airline Pilot

Airline pilots are widely respected professionals in every nation today. They romance flying and get the chance to visit exotic destinations and locales.  However, this dream becomes a reality only to a select few.  The career and the journey of an airline pilot is a long one. You must have the skills and the qualities to be proactive, responsible and qualified.

When you think of life as an airline pilot, you will find that it does need hard work and dedication. There is also a large amount of financial investment involved in the training and the certification. You should also be ready to work hard. There are some facts of the industry that you must know. It will take years of sincere hard work for you to become the captain of a major airline. There are many fluctuations in the airlines industry and depending upon your age, you may never get to that post if you are not good enough. The mandatory retirement age of airline pilots is 65 years. The reality is that several pilots reach retirement as a first officer over a captain.

According to seasoned aviator Richard Earl Bucklew who has served as an airline captain in one of the world’s largest commercial airlines, your life becomes focused on schedules, layoffs, base location etc. He says that you need to start off first at a good flight school. You may opt for the fixed based operator or FBO at the local airport or take a degree course at a college or university. He suggests that if you are sincere and willing to learn the basics, it is very important for you to begin training as a FBO. There are several advantages if you do so. You will discover the most important quality- whether you have the knack for flying or not.

Once you have gained your flight instructor certificate, you may start working at the local flight school and the chances of getting hired there are good as everyone knows you. He further states that it is very important for new pilots to get their pilot license close to the place where they live. You can do some research and search for a school that is ideally fit for you and your budget.

There are some pilots that make their career out of flying for airlines that are located regionally. They do pay you well and help you hone your flying skills as a pilot. You should also be aware of your career targets and ensure that you work hard too. In the aviation industry, seniority scores higher over merit. He advises that you should not frequently job hop as this is detrimental to your progress and career.

Richard Earl Bucklew is a reputed and credible name in the aviation sector of the USA. He  has averaged about 70 flights daily. He flies Airbuses A320s and A319s. In the past he has worked for four top commercial airlines and now he is an active member of Pilots for Kids in the USA too!

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