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Process of doing an MRI

An MRI machine is a very large tube which has a hole at both ends. There is a magnet which surrounds the tube.

When an MRI is done, the whole human body never goes inside the MRI machine. Only the part of the body that is needed to be scanned goes inside the scanner machine.

If one goes to an open MRI scan centre in Hyderabad, they can see that an open MRI is done with all sides open. This kind of machine works really well if a patient is suffering from claustrophobia and has a fear of tight spaces. Also this works well if a patient is obese or over weight.

What happens during the test?

Well, before some MRI is done, the patient gets a contrast dye into a vein of their hand or arm. This can help the doctor to see more clearly the structures inside the patient’s body. The dye that is used before MRI is called gadolinium. This can also leave a bit of metal taste in the mouth.

Recently, a gadolinium lawsuit was filed because some people have suffered negative health impacts after having this dye used on them.

The patient lies on the table and then the table slides inside the MRI machine. There are some straps that are used to hold the patient when the test is done. The body can either be entirely within the machine or some parts of the body can be inside the machine.

This MRI machine can create a very strong magnetic field in a human body. Then a computer takes the signals from the MRI and uses them to form a series of pictures. Each and every picture then shows a thin slice of a human body.

One might get to hear some loud tapping and thumping sound during the test which is actually the machine gaining some energy to take pictures inside the patient’s body. One can also use some head phones or ear plugs to get rid of the sound. One can also feel a bit of twitching sensation during the test. This happens because the MRI stimulates the nerves in the human body.

But there are some restrictions that are should be followed. There are some people who should not get their MRI done if they are facing these problems. Such as, a pregnant woman should never go for an MRI test. In fact, the first trimester has to be very careful. Then the baby’s organs are mostly formed. One should also never go for a contrast dye if they are allergic to it or have severe kidney disease. There are many people who have metal implantations inside their body like;

  • Some clips used to treat brain aneurysms
  • Cochlear implants
  • Certain metal coils placed in blood vessels
  • Pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators

Once the test is done, a specialised doctor or a radiologist is consulted so that they can read the results of the MRI and then send the reports to the doctor so that the rest of the diagnosis is done properly.

There are many open MRI centres in Hyderabad where one can go for an MRI.

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