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Ram Chary- On Types of Leaders Who Can Really Make Things Work

When a business is going for a big change, it has many challenges ahead of it. The first step would be to understand the kind of risks and the amount of hard work that one would have to put in for getting the right result. Then, the business head would have to focus on ensuring that the teams who have been working so far, continuing delivering exactly as always. The transition phase is a tough time and this is why it is necessary to stay cool and let the leader take the forefront and not the manager.

A manager might be great at controlling mess and managing deadlines, but to show how it is done, a leader is the one go-to person that everyone can count on. Companies recognize such people early on and they appreciate them with the great responsibility of handling teams. One can become a leader if he has a few select traits that give him an up over others in his team if he has handled a few tricky situations. One might also get to become a leader of a team if he has the virtue of holding the problem by its reins.

However, how much can a single leader handle for daily stressful targets and smooth operations to go hand in hand? Global business heads and leaders in the business like Ram Chary have come to the understanding that it is not easy to put a lot of pressure on an individual and expect him or her to deliver. It would be stupid to pile on a single leader just if he is good at a work. A good leader might have answers but dealing with more and more of similar stress might drain him out early on. This is why it is natural for top entrepreneurs to have the pattern of leadership horizontally rather than in the top to bottom format.

However, beyond all of these, it is vital that the top management discusses the details of the work with the leader before just telling him his job. Many times, a company might just have to hire a set of new recruits and that too for a new wing or a new project. In this case, the leader would have to take a coach mode on for ensuring that he trains the team members with every detail of the product, the client and the transactions that the business expects from the team.

If a team is already doing a great job and it just needs to brush up fast and work better on a project, the leader must have to be authoritative and a follow-me approach which would just help the leader. Along with that, the leader would also get to speed up the work and benefit the team members as a whole.

Since the natural fabric of a firm is to grow, it is just by ensuring that the team gets the gems of leaders like Ram Chary , one can expect great success and growth.

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