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Rick Casper Shows The Best Ways of Balancing Business and Fatherhood

One of the major differences between a salaried person and a businessman is the fact that in the former one you have to work according to the directions of your employer and in the latter one since you are the owner, you have to do all the thinking as well as the working in order to make your business well settled. Hence, on the whole a businessman like Rick Casper is definitely busier than a salaried person and has to put in a lot more effort at least in the starting days of the business.

There is a whole range of tasks that a business any business entrepreneur has to perform to establish his business and give it a firm foundation. From arranging resources to marketing to branding, everything thing has to be done singlehandedly, especially for people with a small business. This does not leave them with enough time even for themselves, let alone giving time to the family.

But Rick Casper a successful businessman has mastered this art and believes that in order to set up a thriving business you do not necessarily, have to sacrifice the time for your family or for that matter yourself. He runs a very lucrative business alongside being an incredibly devoted husband, an adorable father and a pampering grandfather as well. His knowledge about the ways in conducting the basics of business is par excellence that is revealed from his insights about the ways one should go about with basic branding , in his blogs.

Being a father is an enormously responsible job, it does not have any time frame like a 9 to 5 job; just like being a mother is a constant employment, being a father is no less. The traditions of the world highlight the responsibility of the father as being the bread winner of the family, but little importance is given to the fact that a father is suppose to be the ‘Provider’ of the family. By provider it is not meant to provide just for the financial conveniences of the members but to be the provider of everything – security, love, peace and every other emotional requirement of his family.

It is thus seen that those families that lack a father figure in the house are often a little lost, or slowly the mother takes on to becoming the ‘father-figure’. The children within a family always look out for their father in times of distress and fear as a means of safety, and these are the times the father needs to be present with them the most.

A mother is only there to support the works that a father does and provide for him the necessary things so that he is able to provide for the family. Fathers should consider themselves to be the pivot or the basis of any family and hence they have to, whether they like it or not, learn to strike a balance between their professional and their personal life.

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