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Sadigh Gallery- Ways To Spot Fake Ancient Coins!

You will find that many fake ancient coins enter the market and most of them are passed off as valuables and sold in the market. When it comes to fake coins, you will find that as a layman, it is hard for you to spot them. However, there are some basic tips that are given by gallery experts to help you determine the authenticity of the coins that you get and whether they are genuine or not. There are some investigations that might not prove the authenticity of the coin at the first instance and further investigations are needed at the next stage.

Sadigh Gallery- Understanding fake coins

The experts of Sadigh Gallery an esteemed name in New Yorkstate that there are many genuine coins that have certain weight standards. In the past, mining was not exact and they were variations in the past when it came to their weight however specimens in this category are limited. The experts here say that in case a coin does not abide to this specific weight or standard, it cannot be immediately waived off as a fake coin. There are some more investigations that are needed in this regard and they are sent to the museum or the gallery lab for further tests.

The experts also add that many fake coins may abide to the weight specifications of the coins of that period and so they are also tested as the correct weight does not warrant they are genuine all the time. For instance, you can take the tetradrachms that were found in Athens. The weight of them are generally from 16.60 to 17.3 grams. However, you will also find types that are broader and so tests are needed to prove their authenticity.

Like weight, the size of the coin should be studied as well. The Roman coins are imperfect when it comes to their production techniques and all of them are not of the exact same size. There are many forged coins that had been made of dies that were not of the correct size and sometimes real coins were made on the same dies. This means they should be taken for testing to prove whether they are genuine or not. The experts here say that when it comes to the production methods of coins, each civilization was different. This is why it is hard for them to evaluate the authenticity of coins that were based on weight and size specifications.

The experts here at Sadigh Gallery say that they have the latest techniques and tools to test the authenticity of ancient coins. When it comes to understanding whether the coins are real or not, its curators and museum scientists undertake research and have the necessary experience to determine whether the coin is genuine or not. They do state that the size and the weight of a coin can determine the authenticity of its origins however when it comes to credibility it is advised to send the coin to the lab for further investigation and testing they say!

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