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The Things That Are Considered as Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious form of academic dishonesty that is not tolerated both in the academe and outside the academe. It is basically stealing the ideas or information generated by other people. This means that not only concrete things can get stolen like money and gadgets. It is also possible to steal words created by other people. Now, if you still do not have a clear picture of what plagiarism really is, then you just need to keep in mind how it occurs. With that, plus using some plagiarism checkers, then you can really avoid plagiarism. Read below to find out the things that are considered as plagiarism.

Turning in The Work of Someone Else as If It Was Your Own

Turning the work created by another person like it was your own is considered as plagiarism. In the first place, it is not you who made that written work. It was another person so you do not have any bit of right to that written piece. So for example, if you need to pass a reaction paper or a persuasive paper about a certain topic, submitting the paper created by others is considered as plagiarism. You do not own them so why should you be the one to pass them like they were your own?

Copying Words from Someone Else’s Work Without Giving Credit
Copying the words even just a little from the work of someone else’s is also considered as plagiarism. So if you have this perception that plagiarism occurs only when you copy an entire written piece verbatim, then you are wrong. It is also considered plagiarism when you copy even just a phrase from a written piece. This is actually the reason why we have citation and referencing tools. We can use them so that we can acknowledge the authors of a book or a written piece and thereby allowing us to borrow whatever information they may have that we can use.
Failure to Enclose a Quote in Quotation Marks

Sometimes, lack of knowledge or accident can also lead to plagiarize. For instance, if you fail to enclose a quote in quotation marks can lead to plagiarism especially if that quote is just directly copied from a source. You may have failed to enclose the quote in quotation marks because you do not know that it should be done of you just forgot to do it. Either way, this is considered as accidental plagiarism and still, a form of plagiarism. You can get penalized in the same ways.

To avoid plagiarism, you should take note of the various ways that can help you avoid it. For instance, there are a lot of writing tools that you can use while writing so that you will be able to avoid plagiarism. In addition, you can also use of a special tool called the plagiarism checkers that will help you identify the percentage originality of a work that you are writing.

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