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Two Helpful Criminal Defense Tips

If you have watched any detective or courtroom shows, then you recognize the Miranda Rights.  If you have not memorized the entire spiel, then you probably know that it comes down to two things:  You have the right to remain silent and you have the right to an attorney.

It is here that you find two simple and helpful Criminal Defense Tips for that unforeseen time when the police accuse you of a crime.

1.  Know your rights

It is important that you know your rights.  It is difficult to remember everything from your high school civics class, but at least remember that you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to ask for an attorney.


Know these rights.  Just because detectives on television are always saying them, does not mean that the arresting officer in your case will.  The police only need to read these rights to you if they intend to question you.  However, if the arresting officer feels that he or she has enough evidence against you he or she may not need to question you.  All the same, what you say to the officer is evidence against you.  Remember, you have the right to remain silent, so keep quiet.  Do not lie.  Simply request an attorney and the stay quiet.

2.  Speak only to your attorney

Once you utilize your right to an attorney, remember to speak only to your attorney about your case.  It is tempting to talk to a cellmate in jail or a family member during visitation, but resist this temptation.  If you talk, you can easily create a witness against you.  Your attorney will advise you and advocate for you.  You attorney is the only person to whom you should ever talk about your case.

These are simple tips that may save you in your time of trouble.  Remember your rights and contact us when you need a good defense!


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