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Urology and Urologists in India

Urological System

Human body consists of lot organs and organelles. These organs and the organelles takes part in the vital functions that help to survive every day and to do all the day to day activities. Every organs are connected with either catabolic or anabolic pathways. They produce some important elements as well as function in other productive way for the benefit of the body. Male and Female bodies have different level of complexity due to their internal and external structural difference. Urinary system is one of the most important part of the body be it male or female. It is present at the lower abdominal region of the body. The urinary system consists of ureters, urethra, urinary bladder and kidney. Kidney is the filtering organ of the body. It removes all the waste products from the blood to produce urine. The ureter, urethra and the urinary bladder together forms the total urinary tract, which drains out all the toxic products of the body.

Functions of Urinary System

Urinary system also maintains homeostasis of the body. If the waste products of the body does not get out of the body it can cause serious problems. If the toxic materials gets mixed in the blood before getting released outside the body, it will totally toxify the blood. The oxygens that the blood carries generally gets detoxified, hence the blood becomes poison for the body. This might result in to multi-organ failure and death ultimately. Therefore here lies its importance that one problem can damage many other organs even resulting to death. Thus by regulating the proper outlet system, this maintains the body balance, osmolarity, ionic concentration in and out and also the pH of the body. It also acts as the site for human reproduction. Male counterparts have penis, the reproductive as well as the urological organ that along with urination also helps in the transfer of the semen from the male to the female. Therefore multiple functions are also linked with it. However this system is very much prone to infections and other malfunctions that causes serious effects on the body.

Problems associated with Urinary System

Prostate gland is an important part of the urinary system. Prostate gland is present at the lower abdominal region very close to the urinary tract system. Tumors are very much common in prostate whether malignant or benign. Prostate cancer is one of the most occurred cancer present. This cancer is very much common and is very much prevalent among the males. Normal Prostatitis, where the prostate gland undergoes inflammation to cause the problem, and this might take the shape of tumor also.  It is also the very prone to infections by microorganisms and cause urinary problem and severe discomfort.


It is regarded that in India medical system is very much developed. Best urologist in India takes expert training abroad and give us the best possible treatment for the patients. Hospitals and specialized medical unit are present where expert doctors and are present.


A hygienic and clean lifestyle can prevent the infection that might lead to the discomfort.

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