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Vastu Shastra Tips by Pallavi Chhelavda for a Positive Life

The construction of your home plays a fundamental part in how good your life is. A good home brings not just positivity, but also the passion that is required to complete our every day set of activities. This positivity can be further improved if you build your home by following the doctrines stated in Vastu Shastra, an archaic science which has its roots in Hinduism. Vastu Shastra, also referred to as the “science of construction”, takes into consideration definite cosmic principles and directs the construction of homes and temples based on those celestial foundations.

There are a few Vastu Shastra Tips given by Pallavi Chhelavda that can go a long way in helping you put up a positive home, for an optimistic life.

A Closer Look at Vastu Shastra with the help of Pallavi Chhelavda

Vastu Shastra was invented many years ago, sometime between 6000-3000 BC and asserts that water, earth, air, wind and fire, i.e. the five primary elements, are responsible for our formation, and have an effect on everything that happens. This conception forms the establishment of the cosmic principles stated in Vastu Shastra. These ideologies can help you glide away from unconstructive energy and enter a life which brims with positivity. Nevertheless, applying these Vastu principles is not restricted just to the edifice of the house. Several other aspects like plot direction and surrounding places play their parts in shaping the Vastu of your home.

Get the best out of your kitchen space

The kitchen is the quarter where all the food for your feast is prepared. This makes the kitchen one of the most significant spaces in the home. It is significant to pay heed to the best possible design and construction of the kitchen. The following Vastu tips for kitchen should be taken into account while designing the kitchen:

  • The most favored direction in terms of placing the kitchen is the South East. In accordance with Hindu mythology, the South East, home to Lord Agni, is the finest direction for placing the kitchen. Lord Agni is known to put off fire.
  • The northeast should never be utilized for setting up a kitchen. This direction endows with a lot of sunlight, which is needed more by living rooms and/or meditation rooms.
  • The kitchen doors should be lined up towards the northeast corner of the room where the kitchen is being made, and the windows should be in the east direction.

Vastu Shastra in Apartments

Due to a whole lot of block of flats complex coming up, there is a huge demand for apartments in at present. Apartments are essentially not the best alternative if you are a believer in Vastu, for apartments are pre-designed and very few adaptations can be truly carried out in terms of layout and structure. But there are still definite Vastu tips by Pallavi Chhelavda  for apartments you can pursue, if you are seeking for constructive vibrations in your apartment. It is prudent to look for an apartment which has its way in towards the north, east, or north-west.

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