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Which Camera Is a Right Choice For Wildlife Photography

Most wildlife photographers prefer using top two or three brands of highly rated cameras like Nikon or Canon. The best advantage of these brands is their widespread range and provisions for long telephoto lenses which are very effective and helpful tool to get fantastic wildlife photo images. Living in Denver, Jack Elway an acknowledged Wildlife Photographer thinks that for picturing wild lively lives, one should obviously go for a feature full highly advanced camera.

Akin to many others if you have confusion and query in your mind that which kind of camera you should go for, then please go through the following tips:

Firstly, make a note that all branded cameras popular for wildlife photography all over the world are good and feature oriented. While choosing your camera, you should ensure the following points.

Specially for capturing wildlife photos, you should always go for a DSLR or Digital SLR. Why SLR and Digital? Well, all SLR cameras enable you to carry on changing lenses opportunity as per necessity depending on the photography setting requirement. In the same way, its digital feature helps in fast learning, capturing and with this, you can continue shooting endlessly.

To begin with, it’s the better choice that you go for an entry level camera. With this, as you can become expert in photography, that knowledge will help you choose a further better model in future suiting your need. And now, check the following

  • The camera should have flexibility in terms of aperture, exposure, and shutter speed to have higher control over photographs;
  • Choosing a DX format camera is the ideal option;
  • Should have mechanism to shoot both JPG and RAW for processing control;
  • Must have autofocus feature with multiple frames/ per second
  • Mega Pixels should be 6+

Lens for wildlife

For wildlife photos most people purchase lenses with long focal apparatus since it is typically not possible to come closer to the wild animals. With a larger focal length you can photograph them effectively.

  • Those who are beginners can think of buying lens that enables to shoot the level of 200- 300 mm (zoom should be 70 -200/ 300)
  • Equipping you with a VR version of lens is a great idea.
  • Lens should have range capacity of 70 – 200/ 300 mm while 2.8 is quite a big and good aperture for wildlife photography. Fixed Large Aperture lenses are also required and these are relatively expensive.
  • Image stabilizing mechanism and vibration reduction feature are important that offers sharp image.

Safety Matters

Buying a good DSLR camera with necessary feature is a costly issue. Therefore, never compromise when it comes to safety factor of your camera. If you’re living in a place with high humidity, always keep the equipment within the box or bag with necessary silica gel. Go for pricy cleaning tools which you will require for removal of fungus or other objects. You will also require the start up tool kits before you begin.

To know more about Jack Elway , the American Wildlife Photographer and his great tips on wildlife photography, you can go through his person website and blogs.


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