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Why steroids are popular

Steroids are popular because they increase the natural hormone levels and give the bodies a boost in muscle growth, repair of tissues, and regeneration of red blood cells, increasing oxygen supply to the body, nitrogen retention for better protein synthesis, bone growth and endurance. This is usually done in the human body but in normal and subtle levels as we age, the use of steroids will make the body to generate more of the hormones that do the above functions in an effective manner.

Use of steroids

Steroids along with a right diet and training will give good results. These have to be followed in a regular and disciplined way as steroids are highly potent drugs and overuse and abuse of steroids can lead to irreversible complications.

Steroids are used during both cutting and bulking cycles to accelerate and optimise the fitness rate. The steroids that are used for bulking are trenbolone, anadrol, susaton 250. The steroids that are used for cutting are winstrol, Anavar, oxydrolone and masteron.


Steroids dosage depends on person to person as well as weight, fat composition in the body, tolerance level, the stacks or combo of steroid cycle that each follow. This all has to done under professional guidance and you cannot copy someone else’s dosage schedule. Visit to know more.

Taking steroids:

Steroids are very powerful and hence one must dose them properly to avoid side effects. There are many black market products that are available which may not be as per the quality standards that are suitable for human consumption. Hence, it is advisable to buy steroids with a legal prescription from a pharmacist rather than trying different illegal ways. Always take steroids under the observation of your doctor and always buy them through legal sources to ensure that you are taking the best ingredients. Beginners should especially start with low doses and then slowly increase the dose depending onhow your body tolerates.

Experienced body builders take higher doses but one should always remember the serious side effects that you may encounter later.

Never stop the steroid at once. Rather you should slowly reduce the dose as you are getting to the end of your cycle. This will help you to avoid many side effects.

Types of steroids:

Steroids are available in pill, injection, spray and liquid forms. While many people opt for pills, there are people who opt for injections too. Pills are easily available and come in doses that are easy to take. Though they take a little time to act in your body, they are safe.

When you opt for injections, you need to prepare the dose as per your requirement and that needs care. Injections should also be taken at different locations and care is required with the needle and syringe. Also know that they are injected intramuscular where the steroid enters the muscle and gets released into bloodstream slowly. It acts fast and gives long –lasting results. Apart from that, as it is not going through the digestive tract, there are fewer chances of serious side effects.

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